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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oldie Goldie featuring Baby Jetsuen

Hey Guys,

Just got done doing a blog post for my other blog KUSHUTHARA DIARIES. Do check it out if you haven't already.

                                                                   Bag: H&M
                                                            Trousers: Mums (Vintage)
                                                              White collar: Bangkok
                                                                  Jacket: SAMMYDRESS
                                                               Shoes: DV8 Dolce Vita

So I woke up that day wishing for long legs and I got one. Yes my dear friends high waist flare pants. Although mine wasn't as high waisted as I would have liked it to be, it was more on the mid rise but it worked. Flares and high waist can give you legs to last for days. So a toast to fashion tips and tricks. As for my upper waist I wanted to look chic and effortless so I went for a white collar top, whites my things..... and a pleather moto jacket and a tote to keep it all together. As for my hair I am wearing it in a twist braid.
 And the appearance from my baby cousin Jetsuen. She is one of my life forces. I love her to death. I have always been the only child and in the back of my head i have always wanted a baby brother or sister and although my mother didn't grant me the wish, my aunt did. hahaha Jetsuen is like my little doll, I love pampering her. She is amazing.Plus me and her we share a real bond because I am the eldest of my cousins and she is the youngest so yeah hahah. I love all my cousins none the less but Jetsuen maybe a tiny bit more lol.

Good day .

Monday, December 1, 2014

Body Chain-uage

                                  Body Chain, Pleather pants, Beanie: Sammy Dress
                                       Crop top: Bangkok
                                    Shoes: Dolce Vita from ZAPPOS

Its been some time since I last posted, as always I have legit reasons. I was caught up between my new blog work and my grandparents. Its a lot, and by the time I am free I am always so tired that I fall asleep straight with a lil insta-surfin :) Btw if you don't already know I am starting a new blog called Kushuthara Diaries, which is my traditional blog sister. Its my interpretation of my National Costume and how it can be turned into an everyday wear, mixing and matching in my own way. If I were to quote my about me on my blog:-

"Welcome to Kushuthara Diaries. I am Lhaki Woezer from Thimphu, Bhutan. I would like to believe I am, in a way contributing to the preservation and spreading of traditional Bhutanese wear through this blog, featuring my free spirit. I don't like to confine myself to the do's and don'ts , I am a slave to my free will. I love wearing freedom of expression and "personality" is my favorite brand. Nothing like letting your clothes do all the talking.

I love animals, doughnuts, bacon, typewriters, vintage fashion, shoes, reading, DIY-ing, amatuer baker, impuse shopper.
Hate onions, terrified of rats, Hypocrite used to be my favorite word.
And do visit my grungier, tomboyish, modern older sister blog, Satin Diaries.
Now I am gonna go eat some bacon!!!omnomnomnom"

Please support my new endeavor by subscribing my mail or google plus. It would mean a lot to me. Get to know Bhutan through me because we are what we wear, If you already know Bhutan then see Bhutan in a new pair of eyes through me.

This post is a very special one because there are too many things I like going on. Pleather for one and, White crop top, My first Dolce Vita pair and statement beanie anddddd waitttt the biggest...BODYCHAIN hell yeahhh. I had long been wanting a body chain and I finally got it. I still remember how I felt like a little girl opening up her Christmas present, I had ordered a couple of stuff from SammyDress and got to me just on time. I was pretty happy with the customer service and the time it took to get me. And the quality was average, I mean the pleather pants I am wearing in this post starting falling out by the second wear and believe me I take extra care of my clothes. But the body chain and knuckle rings been amazing and serving my purpose so far.

Have a good day


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Its her time

Before you conclude some hidden cryptic message behind my post title, by "HER" I mean that beautiful, tall warm lady known to us as thigh high boots or over the knee boots. Take your pick, its like if the glass is half empty or half full. Matter of perspective. I prefer thigh high because I don't like beating around the bush why OVER-THE-KNEE when its thigh high, as simple as it is lol. Thigh high boots are having their time because it is a staple for any fall/winter wardrobe.

 Jacket and Boots: Aliexpress
Knuckle rings: Sammy Dress
Bag: Vintage 

I paired mine with a floral peplum skirt *side note it just took me 10 minutes to remember the word peplum. And a pleather moto jacket. My outfits are so easy, it always comes down to the basic when you look at it under a microscope. But I love how basics can not look so basic when it is paired right like pieces of a jig saw puzzle.
And I have been experimenting with brows and lip colors of late. I always make it a point to fill in my brows everyday. I really love how just an eye brow can make one look so confident and radiant. I am wearing a purple lip color here, you know how I have been going to the dark sides with my style. :)

Don't forget to hype my look on Lookbook ;)
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